Layers of Color & Pattern......My favorite!

Eileen's corner bench, pillow, rug.JPG

This corner says it all for me ........ 
I adore the colors, textures, and patterns .... 
a dynamic mix .......
For me this says "accessorator!!!!"  

Hermes....the ULTIMATE Accessoire!!!


An orange horse says it all!!!

The Ultimate Dish Accessoration!!!

Center of plates.JPG

Dish Addicts Delight!


I've never met a dish I didn't fall in love with!!!!


Amen Wardy Aspen continues to feature the most delicious tables around ....... leave it to Amen to create a unique look for each client.  This one went to Chicago!!!  Plates, mats, napkins, silverware, & anything else you can think of for a table!!! Call 970 920-7700.