Green & Growing in Columbus, ohio....Seurat's Ile de la Grand jatte!!!!!

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One of my first "magazine rip-outs," almost twenty years ago, was an article about this park! I was fascinated by the idea and the visual stayed with me. Through the years, I asked anyone I met from Columbus if they knew the park. It definitely fell into the "little know facts" about Columbus category and made quite an impression!!! Several years ago,I went to Columbus for a wedding and of course, insisted that the park be our first stop!!! It exceeded my expectations....I was totally enthralled by it. I have been back several times since and always recommend visiting the park to anyone I know who is going to Columbus. Imagine accessorizing an entire park!!!


The concept of an interpretation of Seurat's painting  "A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grand Jatte" into a topiary garden came from local sculptor James T. Mason. The park, created on the land where previously there had been a school for the deaf, was begun in 1988 and dedicated in 1992.  It is the only garden of it's kind that combines horniculture and sculpture.  The topiary garden, on seven acres, is formed by yews, the tallest being 12'. There are 54 figures, 8 boats, 3 dogs, a monkey and a cat. A painting come to life!!!


It is quite simply...."a landscape of a painting of a landscape."


Spectacular lighting....A combination of great design, color, and technique!!!

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Born in Padua, Italy & trained as a biochemist, Paola Petrobelli changed careers in 1999 and became a glass designer. Her collaboration, with the same Murano glass maker since the beginning, results in the creation of simple, rigorous, and sensous designs. Her cylindrical suspensions, titled C-62, incorporate the formal qualities of architecture with the rich flow of glass. Her pieces are always functional, rather than decorative. These fixtures are a collaboration with Perimeter Editions, Paris and are an edition of 50. The light fixtures are available individually, although Paola prefers hanging three together, as do I!!! They come in three colors, tangerine, citrus, & grey. Having seen them last fall in Paris, I can honestly tell you they are incredible!!!

A place for everything......& everything in it's place!!!


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As a "table top queen," this accessorator has a major storage problem!!! Napkin rings are often times left homeless. They either end up in plastic zip lock bags or in old gift boxes, squinshed into corners of the dish closet. Some are never found again, and others are unused because I can't remember where they live!! When I visited my friends Amen & Bob's fantastic new house last month, I saw the most incredible storage chest and a unique idea....a fabulous antique Chinese cabinet had become home to all of the napkin rings!!  I had seen a number of these chest, which I think were used by Chinese doctors for herbs & potions, over the years and always wondered what to do with the small draws....this was a genius idea!!! Imagine a separate place for each style and then hanging a sample on the outside of the drawer....these guys are major "accessorator's"!!!


Then Amen gave me the best idea......knowing that everyone didn't have an antique chest in their basement....he said a similar "new" chest was in the Crate & Barrel catalogue and suggested it would do the job just as well!!!!  Amazing idea, don't you think!!!!

New work from Karen Ryan......An English artist who celebrates "deconstruction"& "reconstruction!!!

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'Whittle Chair' June 2009.

Whittle is about less.
All it requires is a penknife and an unwanted chair.
One afternoon I took the unwanted chair out of my kitchen and began whittling it whilst watching an old black and white Bette Davis movie.
The whittle chairs naivety is intentional as the process is left to be intuitive and unplanned.
The original chair is made naked revealing a different physical and emotional state, one of fragility and imperfections.

This is first in a series of whittle pieces 

 above text by Karen Ryan

Karen says it better than I do!  Remember her reclaimed plates, vases, and chairs that were originally found by 'the accessorator" and featured at j.roaman in East Hampton...some pieces still available!!!

Return to Africa..... with Batik Pillows!!!

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As everyone knows, Dransfield & Ross are my very favorite pillows designers!! These four African batik patterns are the ultimate pillows for this season.  Brightly colored and bound with straw tassels, they cover the whole gamut of "chic" for summer 2009!


A must, must, must have for all of the "pillow queens" among us!!!