Quack, Quack, Quack!!!!!!!

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Last week I went to visit my friend, gallery owner Julie Saul, at her bay front house in New Suffolk, on the North Fork of Long Island. After two delightful ferry rides and driving past a number of beautiful vineyards, we arrived at Julie's charming "beach bungalow"!!!!" It was the perfect summer late afternoon.....we took a walk to the bay for a swim, followed with a peek at the local chic summer boutique, and then cocktails facing the bay, to be followed by dinner..... Between drinks & dinner, I decided to check out her 'hood.......that proved to be an outstanding idea!!!!!!!


When I reached the corner.......I saw a mesmerizing and magical shingle house, each window frame painted a different color!!!! The side yard was accessorized with frolicking bears wrapped in ivy; a twiggy tree that had brightly patterned, painted shells hanging from it; mosaic mounds & side walks; and a wonderful set of ducks, each on its own stalk!!! Naturally every detail caught my eye and I furiously began taking pictures, as any good "accessorator" would!!!! Among all of the fabulous "finds," this sculpture of five metal, welded ducks ...... each perched on a metal rod, stunning in their finery, and looking very regal sitting in repose beside the house ..... made me smile!!! On the old, wooden railroad tie base was the title....."Get Your Ducks in a Row".... by Ellen Nora Goldstein.  I loved it and wondered how to get it back to East Hampton!!!!


As I was photographing the house (pictured on Friday's post) and the divine details from every possible angle..... the owners appeared, back from the beach. I explained that I was not casing the house for a robbery, but was absolutely fascinated by their eccentric abode!!! They introduced themselves, Ellen Nora and Gil Goldstein, and invited me in to see their garden.....................more about the Goldstein's, the house, and the  incredible garden tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! 

My own Jeff koons is calling me!!!! I answered......but something came up!!!!

IMG_1904.JPGIt's that time again....the roads, beaches, movies, restaurants, and Round Swamp are beyond packed!!  It's the last week of summer and the world is on vacation in the Hamptons!!!! AND I AM JEALOUS!!! So I'm taking matters into my own hands!!! I am going to sit in traffic on the back roads....lay blanket to blanket on the beach....stand on line for the movies....eat dinner at an unreasonable 6PM at Nick & Toni's....and continue fighting my way into Round Swamp!!! Yep. the Accessorator is joining all of you...... AND TAKING A VACATION!!!


So, I'll see you back at school on September 8th..... with a new blue 3-ring notebook, new dividers, a new fountain pen with peacock blue ink, shapened #2 pencils, a pink eraser, and loads of fresh & fabulous ACCESSORATIONS!!!

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Wait a second ....... a week off is a great idea ...... but, I just got back from New Suffolk, a town on the North Fork of Long Island, where I saw this incredibly, outrageously, outrageous house, (notice each window frame is a different color, bears are frolicking on the lawn, and there is a shell Christmas tree!!!) and I have to put it into the universe!!! It is so wonderfully crazy, has so many fantastic details & ideas, that it will will take several days to really do it justice ....... So, I am going to forgo my vacation and devote next week to this wild and wacky abode!!!! You gotta see this!!!! 

IT'S OVER THE TOP AND OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!  And it starts on Monday!!!! 

Dianne B....Retailer to Garden Guru...now Garden Retailer!!!

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These four "gardener musts" are part of a selection of The Best @ Dianne B, a wonderful new on-line store for garden mavens. Dianne B, fashion trensdstter and "garden guru," selected her 10 favorite garden accoutrements and has replaced shopping at the local garden center, with shopping on her chic and stylish new website. Dianne's passion for gardening began twenty plus years ago when she purchased her first house in the East Hampton. According to Dianne, she took "a weedy, woody tangle and created a garden-tour worthy shady exotic acre in her own inimitable way." She documented her path in Dirt: The Lowdown on Growing a Garden with Style, which has become a gardening cult classic. Dianne is particularly proud of the Tool Belt she designed, available exclusively for her site, and the Yard Bag, also her design and exclusive.


I think that one of the most innovative  and unusual gifts for this holiday season is on DB's website....a handmade, stainless steel, Gardener's Shovel, which can be personalized!!!  The shovel, made in Idaho, has a 4' long ash handle and can be hand stamped with up to 16 letters. It can have a monogram or name, the name of your farmhouse or ranch, or a personal message!!! In addition to being the perfect gift for a gardener.....it is the absolutely perfect present for someone who has everything and needs nothing!!!


Another of my personal favorites is this stunning pair of French, panther print, gardening boots. Chic in the muck or on Madison Avenue, even the non gardener, me especially, would love a pair!!!


Three coins in this fountain???

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In 2008 French-born landscape designer, Nathalie Karg, created a company, Cumulus Studios, that invites emerging and established contemporary artists to create functional objects for the outdoors. According to Nathalie "people are looking for whimsy.....gardens should be whimsical." Nathalie's close connection to the art world, she was formally an art advisor, makes her the perfect person to marry functional art and the garden.She has given the artist's complete freedom to create their own personal fantasy, the only limitation being functionality and weather resistance. The result is a delightfully witty selection of garden objects and furniture.


The first collection, previewed this past spring, included eighteen artists. The work is created in very small editions, three for the most part.  The works include.... Rikrit Tiravanija's polished steel and glass ping pong table; Jan Mancuska's metal beach umbrella encircled in text; Mary Heilmann's cabana green table inlaid with broken ceramic; Rob Wynne's mushroom table and chair; Aaron Young's gold chained tire swing; Ugo Rondinone's magical giant scarecrow. One of my particular favorites is this wonderful fountain, pictured above, that is created from tires, by Rob Pruitt. This ecologically correct fountain recycles it's own water, has a simple pump mechanism, and is an edition of 3. I would be thrilled to have it in my garden.......or in the center of my living room!!!!!!


The rest of the pieces in the first collection are equally as inspired.... and according to Nathalie we can expect a new collection for this coming fall!!!!


Rolling Racks or Bookcases, does it matter?????


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My affinity for book shelves is a very well documented fact and rolling racks only come to mind for me when I think about packing, changing closets, moving, or the cheapest, fastest way to build a store! But, never have I thought about them both at the same time, or as having any relationship to each other......until I visited my friend Nicoletta at my favorite design store, Rossana Orlandi, in Milan. I think the correct name for these units should be "book racks".....bookcases that can be added to or subtracted from with these shelves that hang on to one another. They can be any length or as wide as you need them to be....just add another rack!! The "shelves" are sold in packages of 12 hangers.... you provide the rolling racks yourself!


I think this shelving system is one of those terrific ideas that we all wish we had though of....at least I wish I had!!!