all hands on deck!!!!!!

Glove forms besta.JPG
One of the best accessories for a bookcase is a grouping of vintage American or English glove forms. I found these divine, sculptural, metal forms from a wonderful dealer in London, grabbed them, and shipped them home immediately!!!! On my bookshelves I grouped them in sets of three or five. Always an odd number!!!!  I have also seen them polished up to a bright shine.......but, this "accessorator" loves everything in it's original condition, a bit rough around the edges!!!!!


If you like what you see and want to have a collection of "hands from across the pond" get in touch!!!!


Lights, camera, action!!!!!!!

colorPalette jpeg.jpg
These stunning Frame Pendant Lamps were created by Seattle based design studio Iacoli & Mcallister. Founded by Jamie Iacoli and Brian Mcallister, designers "interested in material exploration and industrial processes applied to furniture, lighting, household products, and wearables." They intentionally keep their studio small, assembling all of their pieces in Seattle, allowing them to continue their hands on process from concept to finished product. 


The hanging fixtures are available in a palette of a dozen delicious powder-coated colors, as seen above. The trapezoidal shapes are a very modern take on the lanterns of the early nautical communities of the United States. They are sold individually, in three graduating sizes 5"x5"x5". 8"x8"x8", and 11"x11"x11". In addition, the medium and large frame lights are available with a hand formed and finished corian diffuser, as seen on the right fixture.


When I saw the hanging lamps on display, Iacolimcallister had used a photographers light stand to prop the fixtures.......I think they look amazing hanging from it and would love to have the "whole" package in my living room!!!


A girl can never have tooooo many cookbooks.....or dishes!!!!





I am so lucky to have so many interesting and innovative friends!!! One of my most interesting BFF's is an amazing cook...YUM!!! In addition, she is a passionate collector of "everything" and has collected cookbooks for decades!!! She has created incredible dinners with the help of all the great chefs from Julie Childs to Ina Garten!! Of course,, I adore everything she makes.....but, I really covet her enormous collection of dishware!!!!  There is dinnerware galore..... and every holiday has its own set of plates!!! She has a variety of sets of fine china, as well as the most divine sets of hand thrown dishes.  What really fascinates me, is that she has figured out how to put these passions together in her recently re-done kitchen.......and has created a totally new piece of furntiture....... a unique "book/dish case"!!!!!


Isn't "the accessorator" lucky to have a friend who shares the "accessoration" gene, as well being a divine cook!!!!!!!!!

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!

dzn_2_Tournament-in-Trafalg jpeg 2.jpg
dzn_sq_Tournament-in-Trafal jpeg 1.jpg
dzn_sq2_Tournament-in-Trafa jpeg.jpg
dzn_Tournament-in-Trafalgar jpeg 4.jpg
The London Design Festival, Sept. 19 to 27, is a "collection of the most innovative, inspiring, and creative events, installations, and exhibitions taking place all over London."  The focal point of this years festival is this giant chess set in Trafalgar Square. The Battle of  Trafalgar, handcrafted by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón, working with Italian ceramics experts Bosa, is composed of 32 ceramic chess pieces. Each piece has a metal armature beneath its ceramic exterior, and is set on a wooden base with castors, so that it is easily moveable. Reaching as high as five feet, the pieces are set on a mosaic glass chessboard, created by Italian tile specialists Bisazza. Representing "specific iconic buildings in London and their domes, towers, and spires," each unique piece is hand painted by Hayón. The "game" is centered between the two fountains in the square and on either side of the set are elevated platforms with high back chairs, where players can sit to direct their pieces. 


"I've lived in London over 3 years during which time I have been able to discover the city, its history and heritage.I will be able to represent all of this using my own personal style. I really like the ides that Londoners and other visitors can come to Trafalgar Square - such a central focus in London- to wander around my installation and perhaps even take part in a game of chess." Jaime Hayón


Available for a "match" after lunch, the morning is reserved for play by the British Chess Federation!!!!


A Designer Dish Rack!!!!!!!


Chartreuse is my favorite, imagine my delight when I found this divine stainless steel and polypropylene dish rack!!! high&dry, was the inspiration of award winning, London based, design company black+blum!!!! The sculptural rack, inspired by architectural models of buildings, folds flat for storage and has extra long spikes to hold your champagne flutes, a must!!!! Also included with the rack is a drainage tray which has a "lip" that can be flipped up or left down, depending upon usage.  


Giving each product its own "character and soul" is part of the overall design philosophy of design team, Martin Blum and Dan Black. They believe..... "our brief is to create functional products that will charm and entertain."


The "accessorator"  always loves good design.....but, she really, really loves incredible color and this dish rack certainly has it all!!!!!