Memories of Ghosts, Gobblins, & Witches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The most fabulous "Vintage Halloween" is found at The Antique Store in Bridgehampton, from dealers Barbara Trujillo and husband and wife duo, Kelter Malce. These three well-known dealers have been collecting "holiday memories" for many moons!!!!!  Papier mache trick-or-treat pumpkins and cats, ghost candles, paper skeletons, and skull swizzel sticks from Barbara ........ a "witch taking flight" on a vintage Halloween party hat, framed by Jolie & Michael ....... are just a few of the "spooky accessories" that will make this Halloween a "howling" success ....... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Barbara Trujillo & Kelter Malce  2466 Main St, Bridgehampton 631 537-3838

A bush of Vegetal chairs at the Prague zoo!!!!!

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When Parisian designers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, designed the Vegetal Chair for Vitra, I doubt that they ever envisioned it being used to create a "jungle gym" for monkeys!!!  But that's what happened last week at the Prague Zoo during Designblok!!! Apparently Vitra decided to ask Daniel Pirsc (please excuse the lack of accents marks, my computer doesn't speak Czech) to use the chairs to create a bush for the Lemur Pavilion at the Zoo. Hence the charming "stack" that appears to have thrilled the monkeys.....who look perfectly at home in the faux bush!!! Although the Bouroullec Brothers inspiration for the chair was the world of plants, I'm sure it never ocured to them that the chair would go back to nature in this particular fashion!!!!


Imagine  "accessorizing" the Lemur Pavillion at the Zoo with this whimsical bush of chairs!!! It's the ultimate "zoo chic"!!!!! Those monkeys really are "accessorators" or have they been "accessorated" or are they just plain "accessories"!!!!!!!!


"Stand" up and be counted in Seattle!!!!!

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Continuing my quest for "yummy accessories," I found these divine cake stands in Seattle from local design duo, Jamie Iacoli & Brian McAllister. These delightful stands are created from hand selected vintage brass candlestick holders ..... that are then powder coated into any of the yummie colors above ..... and then the designers adhere a hand finished white corian top!!! Sizes for the tops vary from 4" to 13" and the heights are left to the candlesticks!!!


"We took a common object-the kind you see over and over in second hands stores. We rescue them and clean them up. We rejuvinate them and give them a better life."


I absolutely adore these stands ...... and I love lots of desserts on the table ...... So, how many should I carry back to NYC for Thanksgiving dinner???????


Pig-Out in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Imagine "hoofing" down the street in Seattle yesterday and seeing this ....... a truck in the shape of an enormous steel pig!!!!!! Naturally, I had to find out who this delightful creature was and why he was parked in the center of downtown Seattle!!!!!


What I learned was ...... Seattle restauranter, Kurt Beecher Dammeier, has lunch crowds "oinking in delight" with his new "meal on wheels" Maximus/Minimus. Renting a space in a parking lot in the center of the businness district ...... featuring two types of pulled-pork sandwiches (maximus=spicy and minimus=sweet) for $6 and a side of slaw for an extra $1.37........ makes this the chicest "pigstream" in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rejuvenating mid-Century Furniture with a twist!!!!!

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Zoe Murphy is a "bright young thing" in the London design community. Her work is at Liberty and she exhibited for the first time at 'Content' in Tent London, during the Design Festival. Zoe's passion is "the potential of re-use and rejuvenation of unwanted items, working closely with the idea of encouraging others to consume more carefully and with more responsibility."  Currently her collection, titled "Loving What Belongs To You," revolves around reclaimed mid-century pieces that she has "re-dressed with pattern and color." Bureaus, tables, end tables, chairs, etc. have been re-veneered and treated to a palette of bright colors and graceful images. In addition, the theme of 're-use" continues with the silk textiles Zoe uses for her collection of pillows...they were once wedding dresses!!! The recycled silk textiles have been lovingly hand dyed and printed upon, making them look charming and feel nostalgic.


"As well as having designed a range that is visually appealing, my work is also ethically strong and offers a more ecological alternative to the 'throw away' designs of today."


This inspired collection is very much the aesthetic that I love.....of course....and it would look amazing with the other divine English pieces I own!!!!! I expect it might be on a boat, "crossing the pond"!!!!


Another stunning "accessoration" from the land of the "great accessorators"!!!!