Pig-Out in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!

pig open side.JPG
pig front jpeg.JPG
pig rear  jpeg.JPG


Imagine "hoofing" down the street in Seattle yesterday and seeing this ....... a truck in the shape of an enormous steel pig!!!!!! Naturally, I had to find out who this delightful creature was and why he was parked in the center of downtown Seattle!!!!!


What I learned was ...... Seattle restauranter, Kurt Beecher Dammeier, has lunch crowds "oinking in delight" with his new "meal on wheels" Maximus/Minimus. Renting a space in a parking lot in the center of the businness district ...... featuring two types of pulled-pork sandwiches (maximus=spicy and minimus=sweet) for $6 and a side of slaw for an extra $1.37........ makes this the chicest "pigstream" in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. soundsource says:

    way cool makes me hungry for BBQ

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