A Bevy of International Beauties!!!!!!!

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Irish artist, Orla O'Brien created this collection of magical, unique "lassies" by combining wire, wool, clay, vintage paper, pain, hair, and a variety of textiles. She hand dyed, molded, coiled, hand embroidered, distressed, and manipulated various materials to create different personality for each of her "friends." Their papier mache faces express their individuality, while the stance of their string wrapped bodies and limbs show their strength and gumption!!! In addition, each doll is accompanied by their own "passport," ..... listing their name, nationality, and date of birth .... making them ready for a quick jaunt around the world.....starting at Mint, Lina Kanafani's fantastic store in London, where they were found!!!


The dolls are inspired by the warmth and love of Orla's early childhood memories of visiting her Grandmother's house. In her home, there was a cupboard of unusual dolls, collected from around the world, each in their own boxes ..... family heirlooms kept as treasures behind glass. As a child, their magical spirit and various nationalities transported Orla to countries far away, and in her own child-like way she created stories, bringing the dolls to life. The wanderlust and stories continue for Orla, her latest batch of "beauties" are from Germany. Ireland, Spain, and Poland ....... and one lone boy from the U.K.!!!!


"In creating my own collection of dolls, I have attempted to recapture my magical childlike state of mind. From my treasured memories I have crafted tangible figures which tell the viewer a story about the written past and my present self. Each doll was designed by establishing the characters of unique and individual people involved in my world. In developing the doll characters I focused on giving each figure a personality while reinforcing an identity by creating a passport for each doll." Orla O'Brien


I am enamored by Orla's natural instinct for creating art from reclaimed "bits and pieces." The dolls are reminiscent of the simplicity of another era. Their good "vibrations" are wonderful "accessorations" for all of us!!!!!!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas #1..........

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I've started thinking about faboooolous Christmas gifts that "the accessorator" would like to give and get!!! So, the hunt is on!! Here is #1........


This is the 2010 Fornasetti Calendar Plate, available from my friends Allison and Louis at Maison 24, in Bridgehampton. Piero Fiornasetti began creating and producing calendar plates in 1968, and Barnaba Fornasetti has continue the tradition since 1989. The theme of the years plate is snakes, taken from the Fornasetti archives. The black, white, and gold porcelain plate retails at $210 and will be available for shipment in December. I would suggest you order early as the the plate is a limited edition of 700 and bound to be a sell out!!!!


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble ...... Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 06, Turkey - MDPNY20061125 by mdpNY.

Designs from a "New Antiquarian"!!!!!!

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My friend, NY Times writer Penelope Green,  wrote an article several months ago about the latest design trend .... The New Antiquarians. Revolving around a revival of interest in anti-modern or fantasy vintage furniture and accessories  ..... or as Penelope says "the accouterments of the turn-of-the-19th-century leisure class," a number of 20-&-30-somethings are creating spaces that are designed to resemble parlors of the Edwardian Era. Over-stuffed rooms are often filled with ancestor portraits; antlers from a variety of species; taxidermy animals and birds; medical cabinets filled with potions, petrified bone, skulls, and other small trinkets; old tufted leather seating; candlesticks and candelabras; and a variety of other ephemera of that age ...... all in all, a look worth thinking about!!!!


As a lover of "time travel,"  visual fantasy, and new design trends ..... especially ones that scream "accessoration" ..... I saved the article for future reference!!!!! And it was a good thing I did!!!! BECAUSE........


One night last week, I was in a taxi going down Chrystie Street, and as I was passing Sammy's Roumanian Restaurant (thinking of chicken fat & my old friend Bernie Ozer), I noticed an unusual and intriguing store next door!!! I went back several days later and learned that it was owned by Ryan Matthew, one of "The New Antiquarians" that Penelope had written about!!! Ryan, a silversmith, is transfixed by this "new vintage" and his  apartment in Brooklyn is accessorized with "mummified hunting dogs, wax figures and Black Forest taxidermy"!!!  Several weeks ago, he opened Against Nature on Chrystie Street, as an "homage" to this new visual.  The men's store is stocked with tailored and be-spoke suits by Doyle Mueser, custom denim by Simon Jacobs and a selection of jewelry and leather accessories by Ryan. I find the interior design of the store and its "fantastical" antique furniture and accessories fabulous!!! The furniture includes vintage cabinets, a divine blood-red tufted leather sofa, turn-legged tables, and antique showcases. The accessories are true "period," including mummified skulls under glass, a pair of taxidermy albino peacocks, vintage leather bound books, silver candelabras. The concept, from store design to clothing, is a feast for the eye, it appears to have been on Chrystie Street since the 19th Century!!!!!


Against Nature is an "inspirational must see"!!!!! Whoever says there is "nothing new under the sun" hasn't taken a trip to Chrystie Street ....... everything old looks new here!!!!


Books & Magazine Sittin' on Book Shelves!!!!!!!

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This is probably the most innovative and creative "bookcase" design I have ever seen!!! Walking along Orchard Street Friday, I crossed the street to look at this trendy "lifestyle" store Reed Space. It was filled with "cool" clothing that was wonderful, but .......  all I could see were these fabulous "bookcase" of baby desk chairs!!!! Hanging next to each other on simple hooks, these chairs make the most stunning wall sculpture ...... such a simple idea ..... reclaiming kids desk chairs in a functional way!!!!!! Sooooooo green!!!!


I wish I had thought of this ..... I didn't ..... but, I did see it and am passing it on!!!! There are a zillion combinations of color that can be done to vary the concept ...... imagine each chair a different color, each row a different color, or color blocks of chairs ..... you can play endlessly!!!! Have fun!!!!