Frederique Morrel ...... From Poufs to Deer Heads!!!!

French company Frederique Morrel, the brainchild of husband and wife team Frederique Morrel and Aaron Levin, has moved from covering poufs, footstools, pillows, furniture, and lamps in vintage needlework ......  to these updated taxidermy "deer creatures." This past week at Maison et Object, in Paris, the company presented "The Slice of Life" collection. The unique, handmade creatures are created from polyurethane taxidermy molds, re-enforced with steel rods and covered in re-cycled vintage tapestry. Each piece, whether a full-sized animal or a trophy head, is then completed by the addition of real antlers, horns, hoofs, or fur pieces. Frederique's concept is "to "decycle" (put into a new life-cycle) unj-justly un-recognized, anonymous and devalued pop artifacts." 


According to Frederique and Aaron, "Our products have been carefully re-made using vintage needlework saved from oblivion in the interest of the redemption of the painstaking work involved in their original creation. When wondering around markets or garage sales we're often very saddened to see discarded embroidery. We think about the love, time, craftsmanship, and patience that went into creating such beautiful things and find it so sad that they end up unwanted and for sale for a few dollars."


I think these quirky and clever "artifacts" are divine and decadent ......... imagine one "accessorating" your great room ...... or a whole heard of trophies "accessorating" a wall!!!!!


That's a WOW!!!!!

From a Taiwan Alley to a New York Apartment!!!!!

"Plastic Classic," designed by Taiwanese industrial design student Pili Wu, combines the expensive, traditional classic design of Chinese furniture with a typical cheap, anonymous Taiwanese stool. Redefining the traditional loop chair ..... simple. elegant, and expensive,design .... into an object that is in combination with mass-produced product results in a "split personality!!"


"The Plastic Classic project began as a focus on the transformation of Taiwanese culture, hoping to represent what i thought and felt living in Taiwan. In Taiwan, plastic stools are very popular, seen on street, alleys, and by street food stalls or ban dou (traditional Taiwanese outdoor banquet, seen at weddings or celebrations). Taiwan used to be a plastic production kingdom, plastic chairs and stools have been present fot a very long time, yet interestingly nobody knows about the designer or inventor of plastic stools, but it's cheap price, simple structure and fast production has enabled its popularity, so popular that it has turned into a "classic" design that nobody has ever really noticed. Similarly, loop chair is another classic of traditional Chinese furniture, its elegant and reliable structure represents a certain social status and position." Pili Wu


I think this chair, the ultimate meaning of low-brow meeting hi-brow, is divine and would be wonderful in New York, as well as Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!

A New York First ...... Jody Morlock at Clic Gallery!!!

IMG_2846.JPGClic Gallery is the creation of Calypso founder Christiane Celle. Moving from the world of apparel, into the world of books and art is a wonderful transition, ( Just ask me, I made it!!!) and I applaud Christiane for  successfully taking this great leap of faith!!! On my first trip to her New York gallery/bookstore, I was thrilled to see the first New York exhibition of  work by self-taught artist Jody Morlock. I have been following Jody's career at the divine design store Comerford Hennessy, in Bridgehampton and am very pleased to see her work at Clic.  


Jody's pictures are film strips, a chaotic mix of beautiful and darkly funny images. She says her work is "a story composed of poured colors, geometric curvaceous shapes, large brush strokes and Freudian dream-like sketches." Jody, a part of the downtown New york art scene,  considers herself a "student of the streets absorbing everything I see."  The show , Dig it!, is a "personal excavation" of her work. Jody's influences include "street art, grafitti, advertising, movies, Africa art, and fetish objects" ...... a melange of images and objects that help her create paintings and sculptures ....... her "urban hieroglyphics." 


When I look at Jody's work, I immediately think of the Bay Area artists who's work I adore and covet ...... Chris Johanson,  Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, and the late Margaret Kilgallen ........ putting her in excellent company!!!!!


Gino Sarfatti ......... A Stunning light Fixture!!!!!!

I was visiting two of my "tastiest and chicest" friends this past weekend ......  and I fell madly in love with this divine chandelier!!!!! It was designed by world-famous Venetian designer Gino Sarfatti for his company Arteluce, started in the early 1940's, it became the international reference point for the "modern architectural movement" in lighting. Sarfatti designed and produced over 400 amazing lighting designs over a thirty year period. His company, the foremost of the era, was innovative in materials, production, technologies, light sources, technical lighting effects, and design aspects. Movement was an important element in his designs; standing lamps and wall mounted lights, frequently incorporated articulated metal arms, often in brass. Sarfatti designed all forms of lighting ...... chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and sconces ....... usually including metals in his pieces.


And, it is important to remember Sarfatti often incorporated color without fear .... the sign of a true "accessorator"!!!!!!!!!

Alexa Lixfeld ........ Drawings Come to Life!!!!!!!

The goal of the Selyn Socio-Economic Development Foundation is "to foster the intellectual, social, ethical, moral, spiritual, and emotional development of the less fortunate children of Sri Lanka, by assisting them in all aspects to become competent and employable and we will create sustainable and practical socio economic opportunities for rural women in order for them to achieve life long success." Created by Hamburg based designer Alexa Lixfeld (12/14/09 post) in a joint venture with Selyn, a private initiative, manufacturing and exporting handloom textiles, toys, and handicrafts, the Foundation's goal is to raise funds for a school for the children of the area, as well as provide jobs for local women, the foundation's first project was this collection of dolls.


Working with local children, Alexa helped to create a collection of dolls adapted from the children's drawings. Designed by students from Grades 1,2, and 3 of the Royal International school in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, the drawings were transfered exactly drawn, onto 100% natural hand dyed, hand woven fabric and sewn by the women of the collective. "All dolls are truly unique and has the name of he child who made it or a name that was given to it by the child." These fabulous dolls are available at Rossana Orlandi, Milan; Mint, London; and TOUCH, Los Angeles. 


According to Alexa, "the design of this project is a project design, rather than only a product design. It involves all aspects of the social and cultural facts found in Sri Lanka and involves all aspects of the manufacturing methods of the company, as well as the dreams and visions these people have."


This project is spectacular and it is imperative that we support this project and continue to empower these women and children.