Boomerang Desk ...... An Icon for All Times!!!

I would kill for the boomerang desk (in any color!!!) ....... it was designed in 1969 by Maurice Calka and manufactured by Leleu-Deshays. Made of molded fiberglass and plastic the unique desk was produced in a limited edition of 35. The iconic piece has 3 drawers on the right and one hanging file drawer on the left. Molded chairs were also produced to go with the desk. French President Georges Pompidou was so impressed by the minimal desk, that he had a white version placed in the Elysée Palace. The desk's modern "fantasy" shape and unusual material was a bit in conflict with the rest of the Palace's "classic" decor ...... a collection of baroque French antiques!!!! Now, that is a fabulous "accessoration"!!!! Today the stylized, late 60's desk is highly desirable to furniture collectors ...... in 2008 Christies sold one at auction for $480,000!!


Notebooks for All Different Kinds of Accessorations!!!

Artists_152 A.jpg
My friend "art-diva" TDL had this fabulous yellow notebook, and as a "adit" (art-diva-in-training) I had to have one too!!! 


ARTISTS I MET AND LIKED, is the appropriate notebook for the art world's gurus, groupies, and pundits!!! It is a chic gift for lovers of: galleries, art fairs, auctions, Biennale's, and museums!!! But, art is not the only category available from Swedish company Archie Grand, there is a collection of 62 titles, each covered in a fabulous fashion color  ........  something for everyone!!! Titles include CHEFS I KNOW AND LOVE, POLITICIANS I KNOW AND LIKE, WIVES I HAD AND LIKED, LAWYERS I MET AND LIKED, CAPITALISTS I MET AND LIKED, etc.. The books are bound in a rigid leather-like laminate covers, contain 120 blank pages, and are 160x115 mm ......... a perfect fit for a jacket pocket or a small evening bag!!!!


I adore these notebooks ...... they are charming "accessoration's" for sublime "accessorator's" ........ let's pick which ones we want!!!!!


A New "Accessoration" ....... in Chelsea!!!!!


There is no question that I love a good "accessoration" .... particularly one I have never seen before!!! 


Friday, I was walking in Chelsea with my friend WR and we came upon this fabulousness...... a "construction-site accessoration"!!!!!!  With all of the building in my 'hood and all of the new places to accessorate, it was only a matter of time!!!! 
Here it is.....paper flowers wired to a scaffolding .... "Scaffolding Accessoration" .... DIVINE!!!

Godspeed Design ....... Recaptures & Repurposes!!!!!!

Godspeed, a small conceptual furniture design studio was founded in 2008 by Dutch artist Joy Van Erven and Swedish designer Finn Ahlgren, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their work reflects their commentary on current design ...... they use an unconventional approach, focusing on recapturing "overlooked and undesirable materials that end up in the trash." Embracing waste, salvaging & appropriating materials, and giving them a second life ...... results in unique, one-off pieces that are grounded in wit, humor, honest, fun, and playfulness. The designers are "anti-high design," and work with an immediacy that is similar to performance art, using 1 hour or less to create their pieces. By skipping the sketching phase and going directly into building the furniture by hand, their work is uninhibited, loose, and original. The pieces reflect a wide range  of influences including baroque, contemporary, and experimental.


I think this trend of being "the anti-designer" is a major part of the design dialogue and Godspeed certainly speaks loudly!!!! In addition, the universal ecological message of appropriation and salvaging materials is a strong concept from this generation of designers. This theme continues growing in importance ....... as designers continue making something out of "nothing"!!!!!!

Milan 2010 #4 ....... Backpack Sofa by Quinze & Milan!!!

Suitcase shelving, created by Dutch designer Lotty Lindeman presented at 2009 Design Miami (see blog 11/23/09) were a harbinger of things to come ...... Now, 10 year old Belgian design studio Quinze & Milan has teamed up with bag manufacturer Eastpak to create a limited edition collection of "backpack furniture" to be featured during the 2010 Milan Design Week. The "Built to Resist" collection combines special pocket-padded versions of the designer's classic furniture silhouette's, with the authentic product characteristics of the bag manufacturer; zippers, bags, pouches, handles, and colorful strong fabrics.


Imagine sitting on your backpack, and at the same time being able to store all your "stuff," books, magazines, laptop, ipod, glasses, headset, and remotes for everything from your TV to the lights!!!! This is about as cool and contemporary an "accessoration"  I have ever seen!!!!! Soooooo hip, soooooo cool!!!!!!!