Milan #1 ....... Interesting & Innovative!!!!

London based designer Sabastian Bergne "EYE" iznik ceramics, 
based on the evil eye


French design studio 5.5 Designers  "CUSINE D'OBJETS" lamps created 
from everyday objects


Catalan designer Marti Guixé, "COMMUNICATOR" for Alessi, containers with 
arrows & speech bubbles where user can write messages
Dutch design Studio Sjoerd Jonkers, "NEOCLASTIC VASES," collection of 
10 objects in handmade cast in sand molds in 
a variety of colors, shapes & sizes


Dutch based, Italian design duo Studio Formafantasma, "AUTARCHY," 
a collection of functional objects, vessels, & lamps baked at low 
temperatures, made of bio-materials
Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka "MEMORY CHAIR" for Morosco, chair 
created from new fabric, made from recycled aluminum, 
that changes shape when sat upon or touched


 Emeco "111 Navy Chair," combining of two iconic brands, chairs made from 60% recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles in combination with other materials for 
strength, same shape as the original 1944 chair made for the navy
Italian designer Luca Nichetto "Plinto," designed for Skitsch, stackable stool/table made from concrete blocks in parallelepiped  shape, similar to those used at construction sites, usable indoors and out, with handle for stacking

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