Jenny Holzer & Keds ..... "Supporting" The Whitney!!!

I adore creative ways of "giving back" ....... and this is a fantastic example 
of an iconic brand's concern for the arts!!!


Keds has commissioned conceptual artist Jenny Holzer to design a collection of Keds based on her signature word-based art. The collection features classic canvas sneakers ..... black, grey, or white colors ..... low and hi-top silhouettes ...... with the text "PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT." The sale of these sneakers is part of Keds sponsorship of the Whitney Museum of Art's summer program.


I must have these immediately ....... you too??????

A Room of One's Own ..... with Andy Coolquitt!!!


i'm telling you what   2010
metal, wire, light bulb, fabric
74 x 84x 20 inches approx.
It is no secret that I am captivated by the work of Texas artist, Andy Coolquitt (see blog 10/23/09). His current show at the Lisa Cooley Gallery on Orchard Street made me smile from the moment I walked in!!!! I loved the new pieces and even wanted to own the "non-art" works, they were wonderful too!!!


But, my "most favorite" piece is "i'm telling you what" ....... 
I want to move into this "tableaux" immediately!!!!


Imagine being sprawled out on this "settee" of vintage polyester stripes .....
reading a trashy novel or watching junk TV endlessly ..... 
all under this fabulous "light"!!!!! 


I know that life is perfect "inside" these 3 pieces, and I will be happy forever!!!! 
Want to join me????


YIPPEEE ..... The Accessorator is One Year Old Today!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY .......... TO ME!!!!!!!!

Are Polka-Dots Covering Paris This Summer ?????

I'm not sure that finding 3 store facades covered in polka-dots is a trend ..... 
particularly when 2 are the same brand in different locations !!!!
But ...... it is creative, interesting, great looking, 
and very eye catching!!!!! 


I love the bright multi-colored dots covering Mille Fetes on the left Bank ..... 
and I adore the very chic silver metallic one's on the windows at 
agnes b. on the Avenue George V!!!!!!!

Dinnerware Design for Charity ...... @ Merci, Paris!!!

I paid another visit to Merci (blog 11/11/09) and again was very take with 
Marie-France & Bernard Cohen's creative concept of "giving back."  


My favorite thing on this visit was this divinely designed dinnerware by French product designer Jean Marc Gady. Attaching a series of different size white porcelain plates creates a wonderful venue for a meal of "small plates" or tapas, a trend that is very au courant and exactly how I love to eat!!!!


I love the idea that Merci features a collection of different products 
on every  visit ............  from fashion to home & more!!!!