Coach Ice Cream Truck Roams NYC ....... & it's Free!!!!

As everyone knows, I'm a country girl in the summer ....... 
but, occasionally I get home to NYC and find something tasty!!!
This time it was my summer favorite ...... ice cream ..... & it was free!!!!!!


I didn't know Coach has added a new merchandise category ...... ice cream!!!!! They have partnered with Van Leeuwen, the hip artisan ice cream truck entrepreneurs, and designed several yummie traveling "billboards" to advertise their Poppy Collection. The "accessorated" trucks are very chic, roaming around NYC giving out free cones!!!! Coach's signature flavor is a blend of vanilla ice cream with Morello cherries and Michel Cluizel chocolate (a bit Cherry Garcia!!) ....... but, the other traditional Van Leeuwen flavors are available too!!!


I had no idea about this ice cream bonanza ...... 
but I found truck on 58th Street next to the Time Warner Center ..... 
and having NO WILL POWER, I had a cone!!!!!
Sorry Coach, it was mint chocolate chip ....... my all time favorite ...... but, thank you!!!!

DIOR ....... NYC's Greatest Summer "Accessoration"!!!!!


This is fabulousssssssssness personified ....... and I just saw it on 57th Street!!!!!!!
The Christian Dior store is closed for a re-do ........ and it had a major facelift!!!!

The facade is now a GIANT silver Lady Dior Top Handle Handbag!!!!! 
The only thing missing is the hanging signature logo!!!!! 
But, the loop is there ..... and I think the letters might be coming soon!!!!!
Will let you know if they do!!!!!

Jasleen Kaur ..... A Dialogue Between Two Cultures!!!

In June, I was fortunate enough to see Jasleen Kaur's
Royal College of Art graduate show.
I found it intelligent, innovative, smart ...... and extremely thought provoking!!!!


I was particularly intrigued with her installation "Tools for Living.Branded "britesh made" with a well-designed logo, the project "explores how cultures continually evolve and adapt to new environments wilst keeping their traditions and subtle habits." This series of re-configured objects represent the melding of two cultures ...... blending them, rather than obliterating one or the other. They are displayed on brackets attached to pegboards, giving the illusion of being for sale in a hardware shop ....... a reference to her great granddad's peddling from door to door, and her family's current business.


Jasleen's project relates to her great granddad's move to Britan in 1950, referring to how he acclimated to living in the U.K., while continuing to honor his Indian culture. Her relationship and connection with him are also part of the project. Her "utensils," re-formulated from two distinct objects, are symbols of binding the two traditions and cultures. A prime example is the everyday stainless steel curry tray's (thaali) that are subtly changed with the addition of silver handles ........ Indian functionality joins traditional English formality.


"He made a living from pushing a homemade cart from door to door selling goods or spotting construction sites from afar and turning up to see if there were any jobs going. He dressed like a real gentleman, like one of those proud to be British types, with a well kept moustache and tweed hat (a modern replacement for his once traditional turban). He was an in-betweener, a hybrid of both Indian and British and in his undecided state, functioned beautifully in his new surroundings."


"The thing I observe and make are how I see my great granddad and myself Although constructed from many things, they just work. Because cutlery is not really used in Indian cusine I am making a series of "tools for living" that reference everyday habits rather than etiquette. They are built for how we do things, not for how we should do thing."


Jasleen's graduate project, "design as a cultural unifier," teaches us how generations adapt and evolve in new surroundings, while maintaining their cultural roots. Her great granddad's door-to-door business evolved into a chain of family-run hardware shops in Glasglow.


Vuitton's Summer Colors on the Champs Elysees!!!!

Color is the ultimate "accessorator" eye-candy ....... Stunning!!!
And these Louis Vuitton windows in Paris are YUMMY!!!!!!

Contemporary Design at Historic Sudeley Castle!!!!!

Reinoso_Huge Sudeley Bench_Back 2.jpg
Pablo Reinoso  HUGE SUDELEY BENCH  Painted Steel
Conceived in 2010,  Edition of 8 + 4 AP's


AVL_Wellness Skull Castle.jpg
Atelier Van Lieshout   WELLNESS SKULL  Fiberglass, Polystyrene & Plywood 
Conceived 2007,  Edition of 3


Brajkovic_Lathe X.jpg
Sebastian Brajkovic  LATHE X  Aluminium
Conceived in 2010,  Edition 8 + 4 AP's


Scoccimaro_Giant Jar 2.jpg
Lionel Scoccimaro  GIANT JAR  Painted Aluminium
Conceived in 2010,  Edition of 8 + 4 AP's


Studio Job_Pouring Jug II 2.jpg
Studio Job  POURING JUG  Polished & Painted Bronze
Conceived in 2008 & Cast in 2010,  Unique


Wanders_Bon Bon Gold2.jpg
Marcel Wanders BON BON GOLD  Resin, Rope, & Precious Metal
Conceived in 2010,  Edition of 20 + 2 AP's


This exciting "selling exhibition," a joint venture between Sotheby's UK, Studley Castle, and Carpenters Workshop Gallery showcases a series of one-off and limited edition pieces by leading international contemporary designers and artists. The works are utilitarian pieces that can work as functional objects or pieces that can be appreciated as works of art with "profound aesthetic appeal."


According to Alexander Planton & Simon Stock, Sotheby's curators of the Sudeley exhibition "Contemporary design is an area of the international art market that ha been making waves in recent years and the Sudeley show will present works by some of the boldest and most visionary talents in the field of design today."


Carpenters Workshop in London, one of the premier galleries featuring contemporary design, is know for encouraging up-and-coming young artists, as well as presenting extraordinary works from established artists such as Ron Arad, Marteen bas, Wendell Castle. This joint venture is the latest project that the gallery is involved in "to promote the careers and foster the careers of contemporary designers through exhibiting unique and limited-edition works in solo and group exhibitions and at international art and design fairs. It also aims to expose the public to the latest design aesthetic, enriching and enlightening the contemporary design landscape and discourse."


Sudeley Castle is located in the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire. It was the royal household of Queen Katherine Parr during Tudor times. It is currently the home of Lady Ashcombe and the Dent-Brocklehurst family, who are dedicated to the restoration of the castle and it's gardens, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability. Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst has presented several exhibitions at the castle and says of this installation ..... "A thousand years of history at Sudeley represents a thousand years of design and creation and it is wonderful to be presenting such a current and visually exciting exhibition that is in such striking contrast to the historic castle itself."


I think this unique exhibition .....  the scope of the work is brilliant, 
and the stunning surroundings add an extraordinary dimension to the collection!!!!