The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #2!!!

#2 is a collection of presents for everyone ... even the dog!!! 

I am a Paul Smith addict & that makes shopping easy ....
Imagine these fabulous "logo stripe" gifts ......
One's better than the next !!!!!

Let's see who gets what ..... 
Bike Helmet is for Carla, the "queen of the road"!!!!!!
Pencils for Annie, cuz we know she collects "logo" pencils!!!!!
Flip Video for the E-I-C, he knows why!!!!!
Divine Dog Bowl for Hunter ........ OF COURSE!!!!!

Well, my shopping is done!!!!

The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #1!!!!

#1 is for Hanukkah ..... it starts this Wednesday!!!


This stunning pewter menorah is designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Richard Meier. The menorah is a reproduction of the "Meier Lamp," which was originally commissioned by The Israel Museum in 1985 and is a part of the permanent collection of The Jewish Museum in New York City. The limited edition menorahs and a series of exclusive mezuzahs are available at The Jewish Museum Gift Shop.


"In the design of the Hanukkah Menorah I was trying to express the collective memory of the Jewish people. Each candleholder is an abstracted representation of an architectural style from significant moments of persecution in the history of the Jews. The first being the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt and the last symbolizing the towers of the concentration camps in Germany. These are not intended as literal representations if specific events but rather as reminders of the common past and struggles that Jewish people have suffered and their resilience and strength that is so wonderfully captured in the Hanukkah story."
Richard Meier


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble from My House To Yours!!!!!




On the LookOut For Color Around The World!!!!

Have to admit ..... this isn't my image, it was sent by a friend!!!!
But, it is fabulous & I had to share it ..... 
Remember the stacked logs (blog 10/26/10)???
Well, these stacked water pipes in India are their cousins!!!!

A Picasso Door ..... The #1 "Ultimate Accessoration"!!!

I have seen some fantastic "Ultimate Accessorations" but, ........
This door by Picasso may really, really be the ultimate!!!


Currently on view at Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue is a charming, intimate exhibition of Picasso ceramics and paintings. The ceramic works are stunning but hidden in a small alcove is this door!!!!!! The new John Currin paintings are pretty extraordinary too!!!!


A MUST MUST MUST SEE .......... anytime before December 23!!!!!!


Because, after that it maybe under my Christmas tree ....
A girl can dream!!!