Will Ryman's Roses on Park Ave Bloom in Any Weather!

Will Ryman's roses are blooming from 57th to 67th Street,
on Park Avenue, NYC ....
Even in the snow!!!!

Using stainless steel, fiberglass resin,& automotive paint ...... 
Ryman has created 38 enormous pink & red roses ........
ranging from 3 to 25 feet high, plus 20 rose petals, 
that are scattered on the Park Avenue Mall 
between 63rd & 54th Streets.

AND you can't forget the creatures that are hidden 
among the roses ......
oversized brass ladybugs, spiders, beetles, and bees!!!!

If this isn't an "ultimate accessoration" .....
I don't know what is!!!!

Bamboo Bench - Sustainable, Ecological, Innovative!!!

Israeli designer Gal Ben-Arav's bamboo bench is sooo smart!!!

Bamboo is quick growing, extremely plentiful, 
& almost impossible to kill ....
the more cutting, the more growth .....
And it's strength makes it durable seating material!!!!

Creator Ben-Arav wants "to maintain the materialism, simplicity,
& natural morphology of the quickly growing species."

Creating two separate cast aluminum framing pieces
allows the size of the bench to adjust,
depending upon the length of the cut bamboo.


The bench is sustainable, ecological & innovative ......
creating a new category of accessorations!!!

Mickey Mouse is Alive & Well & Living in Paris!!!

Isaw these two divine 1970's Mickey Mouse chests 
in the window of a Paris antique shop .........
it was  closed!!!!!
But, I was already in love & I had to take their pictures!!!
Low & behold I looked them up on the web .....
and the blue one is on 1st Dibs!!!!


If you love 'em as much as I do .......
Here's the link & I'm sure the red one is at the same shop!!!!


Chicest New Block in Beirut Or It It In Soho?????









There are so many new shops & shopping areas in Beirut .......
It's hard to keep up with all of the great finds!!!
My favorite new area on this trip was one block long .......
Pharaon Street in Mar Mikhael!!!
PAPERCUP is a divine bookstore, magazine shop, coffee shop, 
& great place to meet friends!!!!
It has an international selection of great reading material,
a well-edited selection of unusual cards, notebooks, & ephemera ...
plus a selection of coffee, teas, & sweets that are yummie!!!


PINK HENNA is a shopping bazaar.
There's a bit of this & that for your home ..... antique, new, and gently used furniture, pillows, & accessories .....
Plus wonderful bags, scarves, hats, jewelry, & stuff for gifts,
 as well as things you'll never want to give away!!!
MARIA HALIOS DESIGN has created her own collection of furniture ... interior & exterior, made from a variety of materials .... blending Lebanese craftsmanship & details with contemporary design!!!!


DIANNE FERJANE's vintage inspired clothing collection .....
hanging in her eponymous shop is charming .......
the designs are unique and everything has a bit of a twist!!!


And this is just the beginning .....
the tip of the shopping mecca that's coming to Mar Mikhael!!!!

Exhibition- David Hockney Drawings on IPhone & IPad!


The Fondation Pierre Bergé  Yves Saint Laurent has the most
innovative, imaginable, incredible exhibition .......
David Hockney: Fleurs Fraîche
It's a collection of drawings made on iPads & iPhones
"made for the screen, totally on the screen ... it's not an illusion," 
and they are exhibited on the devices!!!

The second part of the installation is a video of the images ......
I videoed a section of the video & that's what this is!!!!

The video is not perfect ..... it's my first video!!!! 
But, it gives you an idea of how fabulous work this is!!!
Isn't it amazing????