SCAD Students Always Create Interesting Products!!!

Love, love, love Savannah College of Art & Design!!! 
And industrial design student Corey Green's "happy" vases .....
created from "humble" balloons, made me laugh 
@ the NY Intl. Gift Fair!!!

He uses balloons in any color or shape, 
that are all inter-changable & re-useable!!!
And the sizes of the acrylic geometric frames change,
depending upon the size & shape of the balloons!!!

"And you'll always know when you're due to re-water .....
the balloon shrivels!!!"

I Have Finally Been Struck Speechless!!!!

IF BRICKS WERE BIRDS 2011, 84 x 72 inches


THE FUTURE 2010, 78 x 156 inches, in two parts


EMPIRE 2011, 108 x 84 inches


A SLIGHT DISAPPEARANCE 2010, 84 x 96 inches


HORRID TORRID TIMES 2011, 84 x 84 inches


TEXOMA 2011, 84 x 144 inches, in two parts


CURTAIN 2010, 84 x 108 inches


LA based artist Tomory Dodge's show, 
February 24 to April 2,2010,
at CRG Gallery NYC,
is extraordinary !!!!


Words & photographs cannot do it justice .....
it's a must see ........ SPECTACULAR!!!


Totems ......... A Sudden Trend or Just Eye-Candy????

IMG_6211 NYC.jpg

Joseph Conforti.jpg
I have been seeing a number of  "totems accessorations" ......
both interior & exterior, 
in neutrals & colors, 
as single works & in multiples of 3 or 5!!!!


They include works by known & unknown artists .......
ceramic totems by Joseph Conforti, 
sculptural totem by NYC artist Carmen McLeod, 
recycled plastic totems by Australian artist John Dahlsen, 
and ethic totems by African, American Indian, & Eskimo carvers!!!!!
I have seen them in Aspen, Australia, Boston, Brooklyn, & NYC ......... and even in the lobby of my apartment building!!!!

Am I really seeing a trend ........ or am I creating one ?????


Jitish Kallat Installation @ Chicago Art Institute!!!

Indian artist Jitish Kallat's amazing site-specific installation, 
Public Notice 3, is an LED "accessoration"
on the 118 risers of the Grand Staircase 
at the Chicago Art Institute. 


Kallat's LED text on the risers connects two key historical moments ...... a speech reflecting religious tolerance made by Swami Vivekananda on September 11, 1893, at the First World Parliament of Religions in Chicago & the horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Written on the staircase's 108 risers is the text of Vivekananda's speech, in the LED colors matching the terror alert system designed by the US Dept. of Homeland Security after the 9/11 attacks. This work reflects the monumental lack of tolerance that has continued for 108 years. 


When I saw this heart-stopping commentary, 
reflecting the "non-evolution" of religious tolerance,
I was reminded of how much further we have to go in the world, 
to stop this hate driven intolerance surrounding all of us!!!


Sometimes an "accessoration" is much, much more .......
than an "accessoration"!!!

Available in Aspen, Where Dogs Rule ....... WUF!!!!!

My friend Minette's car had this fabulous vanity plate ...
and divine "auto accessoration"!!!


The state of Colorado has made available 3,000 of these divine "Adopt A Shelter Pet" license plates. They have been on sale since Jan. 3, 2011, at local DMV's. $30 of each plate is given to Colorado shelters & rescues. The purpose of the plate is "to raise awareness for the need to adopt shelter pets and raise much needed funding, so that these animals will find loving, forever homes."


This is a brilliant idea & I would do anything to get this plate ....
maybe, even move back to Aspen!!!!!
Let's start a petition to make this plate available everywhere!!!