The Lights Are Finally Back for the Summer's Finale!!!

Happy Labor Day to all!!!!!
See you next week getting ready for back-to-school!!!!

"The Art of Accessorating" @!!!!

1 Barn copy 3.jpg
My newest flipbook is on ......
Take a look & let me know what you think!!!!

Montauk ........ When A Paint Job Just Isn't Enough!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_5671.jpg
This could be the summer's "oddest accessoration" ......
a wall of smiley faces!!!!!

I think I definitely need to get back to NYC!!!!!

An Eye-Catching "Accessoration" Rolls Into Montauk!

Not even sure which "accessoration" caught my eye ........
the Viking hat, the gigantic yellow basket, 
the two dogs ......
or the license plate!!!!!


Guess it was the whole package!!!!

House Beautiful Again ....'Cuz the Sept. Issue is Great!

Okay, I know I'm prejudice ......... 
but, the September isuue of 
is sublime!!!


The new cover logo is chic & modern ....... 
there are several additional monthly columns, 
& the "front-of-book" articles are great!!! 

And of course, the featured homes are divinely delicious!!!!


But, my favorite thing is embedded in the E-I-C's page!!!!

Remember the incredible Digimarc Discover app 
that appeared last month???

Well, it's here again .......
 this time aim your smartphone (with the app) 
at Newell's picture
& he'll take you on a video tour of the whole issue!!!!


By the way ......
I am also very taken with the yummie colors in these ads!!!
So very, very "accessoratorish"!!!!