David Adjaye's Site Specific Structure @ Design/Miami!

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Design/Miami's 2011 Designer of the Year
created "Genesis," 
a structure composed of hundreds of vertical pine planks,
to welcome visitors to Design/Miami 
introduce his vision .....
regarding art, architecture, & design!!! 

Called "a giant piece of architectural furniture" by Adjaye,
the stunning site specific pavillion 
merges design & architecture, interior & exterior ......
creating a meditative space open to all visitors!!!

Pierre Paulin Already a Favorite @ Design/Miami!!!!

Amphis Sofa by Pierre Paulin at Demisch Danant HR.jpg
Design/Miami 2011 doesn't open till tonight but .......
Cathy Leff, director of Miami's Wolfsonian Museum
has already made her "top pick"!!!             

It's the Amphis Sofa by designer Pierre Paulin
presented by New York gallery.

"Since The Wolfsonian is going French this year,
we are really interested in how this object
represents a trajectory of French design." 
                                                      Cathy Leff

A Week in The Sun Begins .... Design/Miami Tomorrow!!!

Get ready to preview the newest, innovative, & exciting
"accessorations supreme" from

And remember ....
art, art, art  and more art at the Convention Center .....
begining Wednesday!!!

See you tomorrow from Miami!!!!

A Collection of "Site Specific" Bike Racks in NYC!!!

My friend, the glamorous "garden guru" 
gave me the "dirt" on yesterday's "unknown accessoration"!!!

The divine red stiletto emerging from the sidewalk
in front of Bergdorf Goodman
 is one in a collection of  "site specific" bike racks!!! 

It was designed by musician David Byrne, an avid cyclist,
 for the NYC Dept. of Transportation ......... 
in conjunction with Pace Gallery!!!

There's loads more information @ DavidByrne.com!!!

Why is this Giant Stiletto In Front of Bergdorf's???

The strangest "street accessorations" are always in NYC .....
& this week's weirdest is this divine red stiletto, 
emerging from the sidewalk in front of

Maybe it's a very chic Fifth Avenue bike rack ????
Nah, I don't think so!!!

What else could it be ....
Do you have any other ideas????