An Unusual NY Gift Show Favorite ........... Books!!!!!

Having been to a zillion gift shows,
if becomes harder & harder 
for me to get excited about something!!!!

But, this time 'round I was wowed by
owner & publisher of a new multi-media 
luxury publishing venture

Patrice's goal is to publish unique books that will
"incite, inspire, & evoke emotion."

There are six titles currently included in her 
beautifully edited collection.
Focusing on art, design, fashion, & lifestyle ...
the books are stunning to look at
& a fabulous edition to any well-curated library!!!

All of them are fabulous
"accessorator's accessorations"!!!

Joyce Pensato Takes Over Friedrich Petzel Gallery!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_2520.jpgJP.jpg
Joyce Pensato's exhibition "Batman Returns" 
has overtaken the

The title of the show refers to Pensato's return 
to her 1970's iconic Batman images. 
They are the primary subject & inspiration 
for this exhibition.

Of course, Batman does not go solo .....
by including her old favorites ....
Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck
& a character she refers to as "The Juicer," 
Pensato continues her passion for
 iconic cartoon imagery. 

Known for her strictly black, white & grey palette,
she has infused this exhibition with touches of color ......
& lots included of "stuff"!!!!

Showing her propensity for being an 
"accessorator supreme", 
Pensato incorporates various toys, objects, props, 
& assorted ephemera from her studio .....
recreating the studio's environment
in Petzel's gallery.

I have always been a fan of Pensato's 
"pop iconography", 
but referencing her studio space 
sends me into "accessorator heaven"!!!  

Thierry Despont's Divine "Le Cabinet de Curiositiés"!

T 1776.jpg
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T 1796.jpg
T 1830.jpg
T 1803.jpg
T 1807.jpg
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T 1804.jpg
Yesterday, I had a Tribeca jaunt with the ultimate 
"seriously supreme accessorator" 

Starting with lunch at the delicious new restaurant ....
"a modern Jewish America bistro," 
with the best matzoh ball soup & hot dogs in town, 
from foodies Zach Kutsher, Alan Wilzig, Jeffrey Chodrow, 
& Richard Kirshenbaum!!!!

Next was a visit to the stunning & stylish installation 
at the historic New York Mercantile Exchange!!!!

This spectacular exhibition, a joint venture between 
international galleries Marlborough & Steinitz,
was conceived & curated 
by world renown architect, designer, & artist 
"Le Cabinet de Curiosités" is presented in a series of 
Second Empire rooms created by 18th century boiserie &
objects d'art shipped from Paris by Steinitz.

This unique installation of art, design, & antiquties
features sculptures & collages from 
Spanish artist Manolo Valdés,
hyperrealist trompe l'oeil paintings by 
Chilean painter Claudio Bravo,
and Despont's assemblage sculptures & paintings.

Reminiscent of Deyrolle's chic Paris taxidermy store &
Axel Vervoordt's Palazzo Fortuny exhibition 
during the Venice Biennale .....
this installation is extraordinary & must not be missed!!!! 
And it's been extended thru February!!!!

Design Duet .... Lladró Atelier & Their First "Guest"!!!

My "super accessorator spy" is everywhere I'm not ......
& she knows me soooo well!!!

Look what she found in Paris at Maison Object ......
the utimate "accessorator's accessoration"....
created for Spanish porcelain company 
by sublime Spanish artist/designer

Lladró invites cutting edge designers to create creatures
with distinct personalities, 
for a series called "The Guest."

Hayón designed the shape of these figures,
and invited American artist Tim Biskup and
Japanese design studio Devilrobots
to draw all over the surfaces ........ 
resulting in these fabulous figurines!!!

Thank you to my "accessoration spy" ..... 
these limited edition pieces are right up my alley!!! 

I hope you've already bought me one of each!!!

Newest Accessorator Flip Book @!

1 Adjaye .jpg
The accessorator's newest flip book .......
"The Best From Design Miami .....
Cool New Art, Accessories, & Installations"

Just hit the link, 
take a look .....
& let me know what you think!!!