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Shopping Miami ..... Fornasetti Candles @ The Webster!

is an over-the-top "retail accessorator supreme," 
& I never miss an opportunity to visit 
her spectacular Miami shopping mecca ......

Last week I flipped over these chic, chic, chic 
Fornasetti candles ...
& I must admit I bought them all!!!

And, they are on their way to Beirut with me .....
right now!!!

I think they will be tasty hostess gifts 
for the divine & delightful,
who have invited us to fancy, fabulous, & fun
holiday lunches & dinners!!!

Design/Miami "Faux Favorite" ..... Bent Wood Tables!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_5385.jpg
I have always adored the brilliant collaboration 
between these two Englishmen .....
& designer Sebastian Wrong
for London's Established & Sons!!!

The WrongWoods furniture collection
has always been an "accessorator favorite"!!!

But these four WrongWoods "Bent Wood Tables"
presented last week by Galerie VIVID
at Design Miami are an 
"over-the-top sublime accessorations supreme" ......
crossing the boundary between art & design!!!

I cannot possibly decide 
which color combination I "must have" .....
& there definitely isn't space in my house for all four!!!

Venice Projects Features Pieke Bergmans in Miami!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_5532.jpg
I am enthralled with the mission of 
providing international artists & designers
"with the opportunity to express 
their creativity in the glass."

Last week at Design Miami 
they presented a spectacular installation 
by Dutch designer Pieke Bergman.

METAMORPHIS is "an evocative collection 
of Venetian street lights ...
that come to life through Bergman's fantasy,
stretching out their iron bodies 
& their glass bulbs like living beings, 
when Venice  is asleep."

I have adored Pieke's work since seeing her
LIGHT BULB series in 2009, 
at both Dilmos Gallery, Milan
Gallery Fumi, London!!!

And I am hopeful that one of her "BULBS" 
will soon "light up my life"!!!

Joaquim Tenreiro Dinning Table & Chairs in Miami!!!

Since my trip to Brazil last fall,
I am in love with all things Brazilian!!! 

Especially furniture .....
& especially the work of designer

Tenreiro, a major force in modernist Brazilian furniture,
was born in Portugal & moved to Rio de Janeiro
in his 20's.

Influenced by the warm weather of Brazil, 
his pieces were light .....
often combining wicker or cane with 
indigenous Brazilian hardwoods.

I was delighted to see this DIVINE dinning set at
& am wondering if it will fit in my dinning room!!!

Nature Inspires Shapes, Textures, & Materials in Miami!













              A major theme at Design/Miami 2012 is nature ....
& the work of these designers
are significant examples of this design trend!!!
Aren't these pieces fantastic ....
Guess which piece I'm hoping will surprise me 
& be under my Christmas tree!!!