CVS "Artfully" Stocks New 23rd St. Store in Chelsea!!!

Is it a fabulous "found object" sculpture
with "color accents"???

Nope, it's a stack of ordinary plastic tubs used
to hold merchandise to stock
the new CVS store on 10th Avenue 
in Chelsea!!!

Amazing how innovative & eccentric they it looks 
in NYC's "art 'hood"!!!

Yep, I see art everywhere!!!

Campana Brothers Design Madison Ave. Shoe Store!!!

The quirky Spanish shoe company 
has a worldwide collection of retail stores, 
each unique, they are designed by renown 
contemporary designers
& they are springing-up everywhere!!!!

I have seen incredible stores designed by 
& the Bouroullec Brothers ....
but, right now I am totally enthralled by this 
divine store in NYC!!! 
Located on Madison Avenue, across from Barneys, 
this spectacular NYC store is the creation of
the brilliant Brazilian design duo the

Handcrafted in Brazil the walls, window display, 
seating, & lighting is crafted of 
woven natural fibers ....
evoking a strong sense of the rainforest. 

The "transplastic" seating, considered a metaphor for 
the world of natural vs. synthetic,
is a recycled collection of
plastic chairs & tables that appear to be 
"growing" through the wicker.

This store is a Madison Avenue "must-see"!!!

Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about the shoes ....
I was held captive by the environment!!!!

Shopping in Miami's Herzog & De Meuron Car Park!!!

A little something to keep you warm!!!!
Think a weekend in Miami .... 
and a fantastic shopping spree at 
on "hip & happening"
Lincoln Road in South Beach!!!
And remember this sublimely curated collection 
of designer apparel & accessories 
is set in a glass & mirror 1800-square-foot 
transparent box
on the fifth floor of a parking garage!!! 
Not just any car park ....
but an amazing concrete "sculpture"
design by the dynamic Swiss architectural duo
Of course, my quirky eye was over-obsessed by the 
"outdoor furniture" around the store!!!
I was told the pieces were made from 
"left-over wood from the construction of the building,"
& they were designed by 
Herzog & de Meuron's design team!!!
"Accessoration's sublime" ......
Wouldn't you love them on your NYC terrace!!!!

Divine Daniel Buren Stripes @ Two NYC Galleries!!!

Everyone knows I love color ..... 
but did you know my favorite "pattern accessoration" 
is stripes!!!
Renown French conceptualist artist
is the "master" of stripes ....
& two NYC galleries currently have exhibitions
of his work!!!
Petzel Gallery presents versions of site specific 
works from the 70's & 80's ......
& the work at Bortolami Gallery features 
plexiglass & fabric works, 
as well as a gallery of new fiber optic works.
These two exhibitions are 
a stunning mix of pattern & color ....
an "accessorator must-see"!!! 
AND ......


As a huge fan of Buren's work,
I rarely miss an opportunity in Paris to visit  
the courtyard of the Palais Royal !!!
This 1986 black & white site specific installation,
"Les Deux Plateaus" is fabulous ....
an international 
"accessorator must-see"!!!

Booths @ Miami Art Fairs Featured Great Design Too!!!

The "marriage" of furniture & art at international art fairs 
always fascinates me ...
especially last month at Miami's zillion fairs!!!
Featured at  Berlin's Neugerriemschneider Gallery
were LA based sculptor Jorge Pardo's 
brightly colored plastic wrapped 
table & chairs chairs,
as well as his divine light fixtures!!!
Artist Julian Hoeber's Shaker inspired 
grey cotton web & wood pieces
were at NYC's Harris Lieberman Gallery.
The four seating pieces fit under the glass table, 
creating a sculptural square!!!
which usually has great furniture in their booth,
had a divine "photo print" table 
by collaborative artists
Vintage Brazilian 50's furniture included 
Zanini ameba-shaped wooden table that was
paired with vintage Eames chairs
at NYC's CRG Gallery,
& a divine sculptural large wooden octagon table 
& leather chairs 
at NYC's Sean Kelly Gallery!!!
I saw so much great design,
paired with
soooo much great art  .....
it was heard to know what to look at first!!!