A Cacophony of Color @ Hotel Saguaro, Palm Springs!

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I had "color shock" when I drove by
the ultimate "Palm Springs Accessoration"
& of course I had to stop!!!

How much color can one hotel absorb??? 
Apparently New York-based architects 
think an entire rainbow!!!

Inspired by colors of native desert wildflowers
& an enormous Pantone color card
this renovated Holiday Inn, 
a sublime "celebration of color", 
puts me into total "accessorator heaven"!!!

Hey guys,
What about that tacky Holiday Inn on Tenth Avenue,
it's screaming for a make-over!!!

But, I do see a potential problem ....
other than black, 
what colors are indigenous to NYC!!!

In Milan ..... What An Unusual Way to Stack Books!!!!

 BOOK COUCH 2 jpeg.jpg
My totally tasty "accessorator pal" WR 
was in Milan for Fashion Week ......
he wandered into the fabulous Rizzoli bookstore
& look what he found .....
the ultimate "library accessoration"!!!!

Even I never thought of a "book couch,"
but I wish I had 'cuz.....
it's divine!!!

Newest High Line Billboard by Allen Ruppersberg!!!

I am madly in love with conceptual artist 
poetic billboard "You & Me" .....
the latest site-specific installation of NYC's

Ruppersberg's work often features 
appropriated colorful posters,
found around Los Angles,
that promote neighborhood events.

This particular piece is a unique scale,
the billboard is 25' x 75',
& incorporates various configurations 
of the words "You & Me" 
creating Ruppersberg's poetic narrative .

Cecilia Alemani, Curator & Director of
High Line Art writes ....
"For High Line Billboard, Ruppersberg creates 
a conversational poem 
set against the skyline of the city.
It's like an advertisement gone crazy!" 

Brenda Antin's Treasure Trove of Fabulousity in LA!!!


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The very British Brenda Antin is the most divine, 
delightful,& delicious "shopkeeper" in LA
& her eponymous shop is fantastically fabulous, 
& a designer's "trade secret"!!!
The store is a unique blend of vintage & new ....
including a melange of French & English & Italian antique 
furniture, lamps, & accessories!!!
Plus Brenda's "own" stunning custom collection 
of linen (natural & over-dyed) upholstered furniture!!!
She has also created extraordinary wicker furniture 
that she manufactures in LA!!!
And there is also a stunning selection 
of bespoke pillows!!!
BUT, I am most in awe of her enormous collection 
of vintage textiles!!!
Traveling to France, England, & Italy, 
I'm sure Brenda & her husband Mike 
never met a piece of linen, toile, or ticking 
that they didn't ship back to LA!!!
In her upstairs loft, this "textile junkie" 
also has a secret trove of goodies
from around the world .....
including incredible indigos, India quilts, 
& Japanese silks!!!
Brenda is the ultimate "accessorator supreme" 
& a "must-meet" in LA!!!!
An old-fashioned kinda' girl,
Brenda has no website ...
but can be reached at

Martin Creed Installation @ Hauser & Wirth, NYC!!!

English artist Martin Creed's fantastic installation
"Work No 1461"
invites you into internationally renown 
Swiss art dealer Iwan Wirth's
newest NYC mega gallery 

Creed's gorgeous 2013 site specific work, 
created from 2" tape
in a variety of colors & patterns, 
with no repeat ....
covers the entire "grand staircase," 
& vestibule of this extraordinary space!!!

The stunning gallery, 
designed by architectural genius
formerly housed The Roxy, a 1980's roller disco
& in it's current incarnation is home 
to 33 genuine "art stars"!!!
This incredible addition to NYC's "art scene" 
is an "accessorator's" visual 
"dream come true" .....
& a major "must-see"!!!!